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Technology in the Classroom

Technology Skills


  • Lesson Ideas off site New
    Units on poetry, geography, and genetics for high school students; Includes lesson outlines, sample products, handouts, and instructions.
  • Technology Integration Projects off site newjune.gif (216 bytes)
    Lessons for K-12 divided by subject and grade.
  • Blue Web’n off site
    Database of Internet learning sites categorized by subject area, audience, and type (lessons, activities, projects, resources, references, & tools).
  • Teach-nology.com’s Lesson Plan Center off site
    Search over 17,000 lesson plans, teaching ideas, and worksheets.
  • LA Challenge Activities for the K-12 Classroom off site
    Lesson plans from Louisiana divided by elementary, middle, and high school including varied formats and a couple of multidisciplinary plans at the higher levels.
  • MSN Lesson Collection off site
    Lesson plans on information technology and other subjects.
  • Apple Learning Interchange Units of Practice off site
    Search by subject, grade level, keywords or contributing organization; Includes many state and national standards.
  • DiscoverySchool.com – Lesson Plans Library off site
    Lessons divided by K-5, 6-8 and 9-12 and subject each with Internet options; Includes suggestions for adapting lessons to younger or older students.
  • Intel: Innovation in Education: Unit and Lesson Plans off site
    Searchable database of lesson plans for all grade levels and a variety of subjects written by teachers for teachers.
  • Web-based Instructional Materials off site
    Classroom units and activities from the Fermilab, designed to demonstrate principles of engaged learning and effective use of technology.
  • Teaching N’ Technology off site
    TNT is a database of 400 technology-related lesson plans developed by Florida educators.
  • LETSNet off site
    Learning Exchange for Teachers and Students through InterNet; Units stressing electronic field trips, teamwork, global connections, research, visualization, publishing, home and community, individualizing, professional growth and kids’ corner in the 10 Big Ideas section.
  • Tammy’s Technology Tips for Teachers off site
    Examples and lesson plans for integration of technology into the classroom, includes plans for word processing, spreadsheet/database, Internet projects, and multimedia (Kid Pix, HyperStudio, PowerPoint).
  • The STAR Center off site
    Lesson plans that use the Texas TEKS as standards for integrating the Internet into the classroom.
  • The Learning Space: Evolving Tools for Evolving minds off site
    Teacher-developed lesson ideas for beginners or teachers well on their way to integrating technology into their curriculum.
  • Pics4Learning Lesson Plans Off site
    Lessons incorporating digital images; Lesson plans include objectives, materials needed, step-by-step process, online and print resources and extension lessons with a variety of templates.
  • Lesson Plans Using Technology Off site newjune.gif (216 bytes)
    Lessons using Word, Excel, and Inspiration.

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