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Ask Jeeves For Kids
Ask Jeeves is a unique service where you enter a question, and Ask Jeeves tries to point you to the right web page that provides an answer. At Ask Jeeves For Kids, answers have been vetted for appropriateness. Also, if Ask Jeeves cannot answer a question, it pulls results from various search engines in its metacrawler mode. At Ask Jeeves For Kids, no site that is on the CyberPatrol block list is supposed to be listed.


Backed by librarians, KidsClick lists about 5,000 web sites in various categories.

Looksmart’s Kids Directory
The Kids Directory is a listing of over 20,000 kid friendly websites that were hand picked by employees of Looksmart subsidiary Net Nanny and vetted for quality. Looksmart also offers a safe search of the entire web, using Net Nanny software to filter Wisenut search results, as well as a free toolbar that uses the same service.

Yahoo for kids, designed for ages 7 to 12. Sites are hand-picked to be appropriate for children. Also, unlike normal Yahoo, searches will not bring back matched found by crawling the web, if there is no match from within the Yahooligan listings. This prevents possibly objectionable sites from slipping onto the screen. Additionally, adult-oriented banner advertising will not appear within the service. Yahooligans is the oldest major directory for children, launched in March 1996.

A collection of human-created encyclopedia entries on a wide variety of topics.
A repository of professionally produced and user-generated information.
A search engine for photos, Web sites, video, and more.
Get international maps, driving directions, and directory listings in your Web browser.
Microsoft’s online encyclopedia, dictionary, and atlas.
FlightStats lets you check if your flight is on time, keep track of national airport delays, and be in the know about all things air travel.
Google’s toll-free number for getting directory listings from your mobile or landline phone.
The search engine giant.
Google’s exploratory 3D cartography application that collects live data from all over the Web to let people explore the globe.
Google’s mapping service that includes driving directions, business listings, and map-making tools to help people create their own maps.
A Google search tool aimed at students who need sources from literary and educational journals.
Hakia lets users search the Web semantically, making entering search queries more natural.
A database of user-designed instruction sets ranging from actual product instructions to tweaks, mods, and monstrosities.
Microsoft’s answer to Google, and part of the suite of Live services.
Microsoft’s free mobile phone directory service that lets users grab numbers and addresses on the go.
A human-powered search engine, Mahalo features user guides and Wikipedia-like pages of information pulled from all over the Web.
A medical ailment search tool. Users begin by pointing to what’s wrong with them using photos and diagrams. Users can also list the symptoms of their ailment.
Microsoft’s Web-based mapping tool that provides traffic data, driving directions, and satellite imagery.
A compendium of information about all things politics, including candidate facts and all related articles on local and national laws.
A search tool for consumers, Retrevo walks the user through the search and discovery process for choosing electronics products.
A search engine for people. If you’re not there you can add yourself, and you can also help fill out other people’s entries.
A user-generated listing of streets and how good or bad they are based on several factors.
A search engine, repository, and ranking system for blogs and online media.
A news aggregation site that draws links from all over the Web and from user submissions.
A video search engine for mobile phones. vTap specializes in helping people sort and watch Web video while on the go.
A build-your own Wiki service created by one of Wikipedia’s founders.
A user-generated and -maintained encyclopedia that covers many topics.
Wink is a search engine for people, letting you dig up information on old friends and estranged family all in the same place.
A dot-com pioneer, Yahoo’s search technology comes standard in many mobile devices and browsers.
Yahoo’s online map service features driving directions, business listings, and satellite imagery.


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