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Radio For Kids, By Kids

Radio WillowWeb is a podcast for kids
and by kids from the students at Willowdale Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska.
Each new show is called a Willowcast. Each Willowcast can be heard on WillowWeb
as an mp3 digital audio file.

Listen to other Internet audio programs that are by elementary students!

Listen to comments about Radio WillowWeb from students in Northern Virginia!

Listen for Radio WillowWeb in this podcast from the United Kingdom!

Writers for Radio WillowWeb, click here.

Teachers! Want to learn more about podcasting? Click here.


Have a blast with Grammar Blast! Answer 10 questions and earn up to 100 game points.

Test your vocabulary & end world hunger

Hang with The Cat in the Hat!

World Book Online Reference Center
ID & PW: galvisd

Miriam-Webster Online

Visual Dictionary

M-W Spell It!
Welcome to Spell It!, the Scripps National Spelling Bee study site created in cooperation with Merriam-Webster. Spell It! focuses on about 700 words, divided into sections by language of origin.

Word Central
Online dictionary for children and students.

The Literacy Web is designed to promote the use of the Internet as a tool to assist classroom teachers in their search for best practices in literacy instruction, including the new literacies of Internet technologies.


This site is composed of many math “fill-in-forms” into which you can type the math problem you’re working on. Linked to these forms is a powerful set of math-solvers, that can instantly analyze your problem, and when possible, provide you with a step-by-step solution, instantly!

Visit NutshellMath
Click here for explanations to the problems in your math textbook.



Multiplication games designed to help students learn the times tables.

The Math League is dedicated to bringing challenging mathematics materials to students. The Math League specializes in math contests, books, and computer software designed to stimulate interest and confidence in mathematics for students from the 4th grade through high school.

Offers engaging educational resources for 3rd-8th grade students, teachers and parents, including animated interactive lessons, daily thematic word problems, beat-the-clock math facts games and family activities.
Web Address: http://www.mathmastery.com

Math for Kids: A Medieval Adventure in Problem-Solving
For upper elementary kids to learn how to solve math word problems. All problems have a medieval theme. Kids can even submit their own problems.
Web Address: http://tqjunior.advanced.org/4471

Kids Math

Math lessons and exercises for kids of age 3 to 12, K6.
Web Address: http://www.kidsmath.com/

Help for math students

Great resource for teachers and parents

This site provides help in a number of mathematics-related subjects, including basic grade-school math, calculus, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and statistics. Practice exercises are automatically graded, plus this free site also features a glossary, calculators, homework tips, math games, and lesson plans for teachers.
Games created to help you review your math facts and just have a ton of fun!
Purplemath’s algebra lessons are written with the student in mind. These lessons emphasize the practicalities rather than the technicalities, demonstrating dependable techniques, warning of likely “trick” questions, and pointing out common mistakes.
Web Address:  http://www.purplemath.com/modules/index.htm
Click here for more Math websites and here here, too

ID: magnolia2 / PW: rattler

A new Web site devoted to science news for children of ages 9 to 14

Kids, great ideas for science projects!

Cool Science for Curious Kids
Fun and interactive site to help kids appreciate science.
Web Address: http://www.hhmi.org/coolscience


Designed to teach the basics of chemistry to kids 5-11.
Web Address: http://www.chem4kids.com

Energy Quest
Energy education especially for kids from the California Energy Commission. Includes projects, experiments, and descriptions of many types of energy.
Web Address: http://www.energy.ca.gov/education/index.html

Includes the chemistry of biology, how the world of biology is studied, and cell structure and function.
Web Address: http://www.kapili.com/biology4kids/

Chemistry for Kids
The web site that teaches chemistry fundamentals to children and adults!
Web Address: http://www.chem4kids.com/
Dr. Bob’s Interesting Science Stuff
Provides some interesting tidbits on science and technology. Kids ages 10 and up should enjoy this site.
Web Address: http://www.frontiernet.net/~docbob/

Yuckiest Site on the Internet
Explore the living sciences of entomology, earth science, and human biology through roaches, earthworms, and the mysterious human body.
Web Address: http://www.yucky.com/
Health Issues for Kids
Kids area of this site with Health Information.
Web Address: http://KidsHealth.org/kid/index.html

Providing kid level science information from NASA. Has teacher resources, latest NASA news, rockets, astronauts, puzzles, games, space, and more.
Web Address: http://kids.msfc.nasa.gov

Travel through galaxies of online games, space and ufo stuff, earth and animal information, kids news events, and more, all in one stop!
Web Address: http://www.Kidscomet.com/
Endangered Species – How Kids Can Help
Where can you find information on endangered and threatened species? What can you and your school do to help save them?
Web Address: http://endangered.fws.gov/kids/index.html

Turtles – Sea Turtles for Kids
Stories, facts and fun with turtles.
Web Address: http://www.turtles.org/kids.htm

News and entertainment site for kids featuring space and science news stories, interactive games, weekly polls, kids’ submissions, images, contests, and more.
Web Address: http://www.spaceKids.com

Ever wanted to know why earthquakes happen? How CD burners work? What the sun is made of? These questions, and a large amount of others related to computers/electronics, automobiles, science, entertainment, and people, are all answered at this award-winning Web site. Simply type a query into the search window or peruse the topics by category. Extras include free newsletters, surveys, and printable versions of all answers.
Science Made Simple
Science classes—including the ubiquitous science project—aren’t as easy for some to grasp as for others. At Science Made Simple, kids of all ages can get detailed answers to many of science’s questions, read current news articles related to science, get ideas on school projects, and take advantage of unit conversion tables. Users can also find out if their school’s textbooks pass the test.
Web Address:
Amazing Space Consists of web-based educational presentations for young children about space, which were developed at the Space Telescope Science Institute. Teachers teamed up with scientists and engineers from the institute and staff members from the Office of Public Outreach to develop interactive lessons. All lessons include spectacular photographs taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and many high quality graphics, videos, and animation designed to enhance student understanding and interest. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

Ask An Astronomer

Provides answers and photos for 200 common questions about astronomy and objects in space. Topics include planets, stars, the solar system, comets, asteroids, galaxies, and the night sky. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Kneebouncers is a whole lot of fun. Games and activities to stimulate your baby or toddler. Colorful animated graphics combined with great sound effects, excite and entertain the ittiest of the bittiest. Kneebouncers is also educational.

Welcome to Capstone Kids!

This site includes wonderfully illustrated stories that include animation, voice reading along with visually highlighted text, puzzles, games, music and more.

Your guide to the best websites for kids

Welcome to 2-Minute Brain Quest. Brain Quest is the smart game where everybody wins. No matter what grade, age, or subject, Brain Quest challenges kids on the stuff they need to know.

Babloo Kids Portal
Kids portal website for children with interactive education online games puzzles quiz fun and learning activities encyclopedia.
Web Address:

Adventure Learning Network
Organization which sponsors online curriculum based programs for kids, emphasizing the environment and ocean ecology.
Web Address:

Government Sites for Kids
Directory of U.S. Government Web Sites designed for children.
Web Address:

Lists population, government, military, and economic information for nations recognized by the United States.

Web Address: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/

Funschool offers free online educational elementary games for kids as well as printable activities, coloring and crafts that will help kids learn.

Free Online Flash Games, Videos, Cartoons, Comics, Screen Savers, Wallpaper, Buddy Icons and more!

FunBrain is the #1 site for online educational games for kids of all ages. (math, grammar, science, spell, history)

Growing Free
Links to dozens of educational websites for fun & learning

Publishes a weekly ezine for kids full of fun and learning opportunities. Also develops multimedia marketing packages for education companies.
Web Address: http://www.fundango.com

An Internet educational resource sponsored by CANITech.
Web Address: http://www.edu4kids.com/

Fact Monster
Fact Monster combines essential reference materials, fun facts and features, and free, individualized homework help.
Web Address: http://www.factmonster.com

Amazing Kids
A nonprofit educational organization dedicated to inspiring and recognizing excellence in children.
Web Address: http://www.amazing-kids.org/

CBC4Kids Educational and fun site for children
CBC4Kids is a powerhouse of fun and learning for kids of all ages. Hundreds of features, frequent updates to entertain and challenge!
Web Address: http://www.cbc4kids.ca/

Safe place for young kids to create games, write stories and more!

Discovery Kids
Enabling kids to develop ideas for adventures away from the computer,then share stories about their expeditions with other kids on the Web site.
Web Address: http://www.discoverykids.com

TheCase.com for Kids
Features a new mystery every week.
Web Address: http://www.TheCase.com/kids/

An internet site “by kids and for kids” from all over the world — since 1995
Web Address: http://www.bconnex.net/~kidworld/

Kids on the Web
A collection of all resources found on the Net that are either applicable or of interest to children.
Web Address: http://www.zen.org/~brendan/kids.html

Club Penguin
Club Penguin is a safe virtual world for kids to play, interact with friends and have fun letting their imaginations soar.

KidZui – The Internet for Kids

Free programs and training opportunities for Chicago teens

Sharpen your IQ with tests and games

Links to resources, schools & information for parents, teachers & kids.
Web Address: http://k12.school.net/

PBS Kids
Find over 50 games or send us a joke in Fun & Games, create an interactive story or write us a letter in Babble On, or uncover facts and backstage secrets in Did You Know?
Web Address: http://www.pbs.org/kids

Build your own dolls and share them with others.

Learn American Sign Language with video demos

The World’s Tallest Buildings

Create your own town!

Online art museum for kids

Above the Influence

The Above the Influence ads you see on TV and in magazines are created for the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign.


A list of government websites for kids and teens. Topics include art and music, health and science, math, language arts, history and social studies, and researching the government.

Homework help and games

Homework help/games for younger kids

Search engine for homework help

Chicago Fact Book
Facts and figures about the city

MSN Encarta
The free MSN Encarta site features more than 4,500 articles pooled from Microsoft Encarta, the award-winning electronic reference library, and comes with dictionaries, maps, fast facts, interactive quizzes, handy homework tools, and more.
Web Address: http://encarta.msn.com/

Since 1995, Refdesk.com, which stands for “reference desk,” has served as a one-click springboard to many of the Web’s top dictionaries, encyclopedias, calculators, atlases, news headlines, and search engines. The site also includes a handy “homework helper” section that provides help in all subjects to students in every grade.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Perfect for language studies, this handy Web site automatically converts text from one language into another, such as English to Simplified Chinese or French to English.
Web Address: http://babelfish.altavista.com/

Shakespeare Online
This Web site can be filed in the “where was this when I was a kid?” category. On the aptly named Shakespeare Online site, visitors can read every play or poem from the world’s most celebrated writer and, more importantly, make some sense of his works with free analysis, Old English language translations, and famous quotes.


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