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Urban Fiction for Teens and Young Adults

Urban Fiction is a popular yet controversial genre especially among young African-American and Hispanic library patrons. The genre is characterized mainly by sex, drugs, violence and features characters living in large urban cities.

American Library Association – “Freedom to Read Statement”
Freedom to Read Statement.pdf

Urban Fiction Authors

Coe Booth – http://www.coebooth.com/
K’wan – http://www.kwanfoye.com/
L. Devine – http://www.dramahigh.com/
Sharon Draper – http://sharondraper.com/
Sonia Hayes – http://soniahayes.com/home.php
Denene Millner – http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/contributor.jsp?id=3747285
Mitzi Miller – http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/contributor.jsp?id=3747286
Earl Sewell – http://www.earlsewell.com/
Sister Souljah – http://sistersouljah.com/
Nikki Turner – http://nikkiturner.com/
Vickie Stringer – Triple Crown Publications – http://www.triplecrownpublications.com/

Urban Fiction Series – Teen Friendly

Bluford Series – http://www.embracingthechild.org/bluford.html
Kimani Press; Kimani Tru Teen Series – www.kimanitru.com
Platinum Teen Series – http://www.platinumteen.org/index.htm
Teenage Bluez Series, Arazel – http://www.lifechangingbooks.net/

Urban Fiction Blogs

*Crazy Quilts –
M. Doyle, LMS – MLK Middle School, San Francisco, California
The Pinnacle – http://urbanreviews.blogspot.com/

Book Review Sources:

*American Library Association – YALSA Good Reads for Teens

Amy Pattee, MLS
Assistant Professor – Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Simmons College


*Crazy Quiltshttp://http.campbele.wordpress.com/
The Pinnaclehttp://urbanreviews.blogspot.com/
RAWSISTAZ Reviews – http://www.therawreviewers.com/index_sample.shtml
*School Library Journal – http://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/
Street Fiction – http://www.streetfiction.org
Teen Readshttp://teenreads.com/


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