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50+ Sites for Book Lovers


Lulu, a book publishing site, is in the news this week. But there are many more sites for book reviews, self-publishing and exchange. Here are more than 50 of our favorites.

Book Reviews

Amazon.com – Search from thousands of books, buy them online and read excellent reviews.

Booksprice.com – Users can search and compare prices of new and old books from all major stores.

Bookswellread.com – Users can share reviews of some of their favorite books with others.

Titlez – Users can perform a comparative analysis of a book or group of books with other books in the market.

Whatshouldireadnext.com – Users enter their favorite book and they are a recommended a new book based on analysis of the reading preferences of other registered users.

Book Communities

aNobii – A great way to create book listings, interact with people and express thoughts.

Booksconnect.com – A site which connects book lovers, writers and resellers. Users can discuss with each other, stay updated about events or network with interesting people.

BookJetty.com – Community site where users can tag their favorite books.

BookRevyoo.com – Users can read and rate books from multiple categories.

BooksWellRead.com – Excellent community for book readers looking for recommendations.

Connectviabooks.com – People can create list of read books and share their opinions with others.

Delicious Library – Browse the stream of books shared by other users.

Douban.net – Users can find interesting books recommended by other members and participate in discussions & reviews about a particular book.

Facebook.com Favoritebooks – Developer application on Facebook allowing users to share their favorite books with other users who can write comments.

Goodreads.com – Users can keep a track of books read by them, find out what their buddies are reading and also get recommendations from others who have read a book.

LibraryThing.com – Enables users to create an online catalog of books.

Project Gutenberg – Excellent platform for collaborative sharing of books.

Reader2.com – Users can find new books and recommend their own books to others.

Shelfari.com – An online shelf for sharing favorite books with friends.

Squirl.info – Nice way to share & organize information about books.

Storycode.com – A site for making book recommendations to other users.

Tagabook.com – A tagging site for book lovers allowing them to tag their favorites.

Vitalsource.com – Users can purchase their text books, download them and keep the mobile books with them all the time.

Zestr.com – Cool way to create a catalog of books online.


Bibli – Book publishing & sharing platform for poems, scripts, short stories, novels etc.

Blurb.com – Create and sell books.

deusto.com – Book publishing platform for writers to create digital books.

Glypho.com – Collaborative platform for reading and writing books.

Mixbook.com – Users can create amazing books by mixing stuff like pictures to create books in collaboration with their friends.

Sharedbooks.com – Users can publish their information from multiple sources in the form of a structured printed book.

Book Search & Exchange

Americabookshelf.com – One of the largest book exchange clubs across the US.

BookCrossing.com – A community of users from over 130 countries who exchange books with each other at public places like cafes, parks etc.

Booksfree.com – A large and the most extensive library of books.

Bookhopper.co.uk – Free community for UK residents to share used books with each other.

Bookins.com – Book sharing website enabling members to exchange used books with each other in real time.

BookMooch.com – An interesting concept where users can exchange books with others through points. Users gain points when they give books to others.

Booksalescout.com – Online community of users allowing them to sell books in the US.

Bookswim.com – Book borrowing service with free shipping for registered website users.

Feedbooks.com – Users can search & download free PDF books from the internet.

Google Book Search – One of the best search engines for books allowing users to preview some chapters from the book they’d like to buy.

Lazylibrary.com – Special search engine for readers looking to read short books with less than 200 pages.

Live Search Books – Platform for searching books of interest online.

Manybooks.net – Users can search for free ebooks for their PDA, ebook reader or iPod.

PaperBackSwap.com – Users can share books amongst each other and only pay for the delivery charges.

Pazap.com – A book trade engine for students to buy and sell old books.

Read It Swap It – A free service that allows users to exchange books with others.

Socialbib – Book swapping network between students, the website does the searching for books.

Whatshoulditreadnext.com – Users enter a book of their preference and the search engine recommends books on the basis of reading habits of other users.

Worldcat.org – Extensive catalog of books available for viewing and downloading.


bibliophil.org – Users can monitor their library books with public or private security access.

LeapTag.com – newsreader that picks users reading preferences and understands the books that they like.

Thatscrazyhot.com – A cool bibliography generator for book titles.


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