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Posted by 2thelibrary on 09/19/2010

  • Alphabetized Internet Education Resources – Offers an alphabetical guide to resources about training people to use the Internet in support of distance education.

  • Catalyst – Take advantage of the resources and services available on this site to help you create web pages and implement technology in the classroom.

  • Developing a School or District Technology Plan – Outline of this issue, with links.

  • Discovery School – Custom Classroom – Allows you to connect to some of the best teaching tools on the internet, and you can create a personal account for saving documents.

  • Electronic Emissary – Assists K-12 students and teachers find Internet users with expertise in different disciplines in order to organize curriculum-based, electronic exchanges among the students, teachers, and experts. Includes information about research on telementoring interactions in which K-12 students are active inquirers.

  • Federal Resources for Educational Excellence – Educational Technology – Guide to sites and services on the websites of Federal Agencies concerned with technology in education.

  • Filamentality 2.0 – This site will help you create WebQuests and treasure hunts for the Web. It also has a collection of links and activities.

  • Getting Girls Interested in Computer Science – Information and links about helping girls become interested in computer science.

  • Grazing the Net: Raising a Generation of Free Range Students – Essay addressing the importance of helping today�s youth think, explore and make meaning for themselves.

  • Including Technology: How You Can Get Started Now – Information about ways to use technology in the classroom. Provides links to lesson plans, search engines, and educational sites.

  • Internet Pocket Guide for Teachers – Provides a detailed guide for teachers to connect to the Internet as well as suggestions and exercises for integrating the Internet into the curriculum.

  • Internet4Classrooms – Allows you to access three sets of sites aimed at helping instructors use the Internet effectively and learn specific software applications.

  • The iTeacherEd Project – An innovative source about instructional technology for K-12 and for Schools of Education that would like to integrate technological literacy into Teacher Education Programs.

  • Knowledge College Tutors – Computer Training – Online school for students of all ages. Also provides links to Australia�s secondary curriculum.

  • Learner Online — Educational Technology Strategies – Various research activities and projects that study and show effective uses of educational technology in traditional classroom and distance learning environments.

  • Learning In Hand – Advice and information about using Palms in the curriculum of elementary schools.

  • The Learning Resource Server – Features the ideas and work of teachers, students, and researchers who are exploring new visions of learning. Site also discusses ways that educators can learn to create new knowledge.

  • Lower Hudson Regional Information Center – This site offers such educational technology resources as lesson plans and information about security, software, networks, and student information systems.

  • Making the Net Work for Schools: Online Research Modules – Instructors can use these online research plans with their students. The instructions are easy to understand and the daily activities focus on higher level thinking and offer high quality electronic resources.

  • MySchoolOnline.com – Organizing a thorough system of resources for local, state, and national education. Featuring more than 9,000 members from schools, teachers, and education organizations from around the U.S. Use free tools and services to build and host a web site.

  • National Center for Technology Planning – Site serving as a clearinghouse for sharing various types of information about technology planning.

  • National Educational Technology Standards Project – Aiming to create guidelines that will help educational leaders plan for successful uses of technology to assist in education and educational management. Various helpful information is available.

  • NetDayCompass – Thorough guide to education technology resources aimed at K-12 administrators. Covers such subjects as planning, infrastructure, funding and grants, classroom support, and most effective practices.

  • Ozline – Check out our complete guide to using “Web-and-Flow” in schools, districts and regions.

  • Planning for Change and Technology – Information about initiating change and planning for technology.

  • Quia – Make educational webpages, games, and tests. Fee required.

  • Reinventing Schools: The Technology Is Now! – The National Academy of Sciences offers this credible future of technology in education.

  • Student TECH CORPS – Learn about how this national not for profit organization helps schools fulfil their technology needs by connecting them with energetic volunteers who are willing to give of their time to share their technology expertise.

  • Teachers Helping Teachers – Free practical guides to help you use the Internet in your teaching. Access to the lesson plans is free, this site does not make money from information submitted by teachers.

  • Tech Corps – The aim of this national not-for-profit association is to improve K-12 education from the bottom up by assisting schools use technology successfully.

  • The TELRI Project: Technology Enhanced Learning in Research-led Institutions – Providing lots of information, suggestions, research and resources about technology in education.

  • This is our Time – An international telecommunications venture for secondary schools launched for Unesco ASP (Associated Schools Projects).

  • Uncommon Sense: Educators Reinventing the Profession from the Inside Out – Even though no programs, seminars, books, exercises, CD-ROMs or Internet sites will fulfil all our goals, there are numerous options we can pursue in order to meet our goals of lifelong improvement.

  • YouthLearn – This portal to resources for after-school youth programs that use technology features lesson plans, teaching tips, project design resources, examples, software/hardware advice, discussions, and more.


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